Graph layout and analysis


For experts in the field of graph layout it is easy to find out that the graph active information visualization of the GIM  is based upon  the prefuse-library by Jeffrey Heer. The really magnificent achievement of this library is the great breadth of understanding for the aesthetic part of the visualization and animation of graphs.


At first the JUNG library was an important contributor of new ideas for the GIM.
In the first version our program reverted to  this library when dealing with visualization. After having changed to the visualization of prefuse the profound mathematical methods of the JUNG library are being used intensively.


Specific functionality


The full-text search is possible by  working with   the widely-used and powerful Lucene library.


PDF and RTF Export were implemented by using Lucene.


The HTML-editor by Howard Kistler is a precious marvel  among the Swing/Java components.




The image of  the overall application is based upon Substance Look and Feel developed and supported  by Kirill Grouchnikov. Speed and quality of the supports provided by Substance Look and Feel can compete with the best commercial providers. Kirill also administers an exceptionally interesting blog.
Practically all dialogues in the GIM owe their clear image and unique framework to the JGoodies?Library.


Behind the scenes


Particularly the Personal Pool Files are based upon the ability of the TrueZip library by Christian Schlichtherle to administer a virtual data system inside a Zip-file.

The Legion of the Bouncy Castle.

The license protection of the GIM is based upon the implementation of cryptological concepts in the Bouncy Castle library. We acknowledge the magnificent support of the developers.

Apache Commons

We don't want to fail to mention  that there are also the small and big modules the developer could make use of via the Apache Commons. Particularly we would like to point out the implementation of logical predicates in this library which can intensively be used in the module filter of the GIM.




Graphen Visualisation and Analysis

Prefuse (Jeffrey Heer), Jung

Partictulare functionality

Lucene, iText, Ekit


Substance (Kirill Grouchnikov Blog), JGoodies 

Behind the scenes

TrueZip, The Legion of the Bouncy Castle, Apache Commons