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Facts, facts, facts - you surely remember the advertisement slogan of a well - known German magazine and the suggestion that it implies. "If I have the facts I am in the know."

Taking into account the experiences from the World Wide Web as well as  from
Wikipedia to Britannica and Spiegel Online up to CNN one can say according to a well-known proverb: “Too many pieces of information are the death of knowledge,” unless you can get a general idea of the pieces of information.

The Graph Information Manager (GIM) helps you in the process.


  • Collect your pieces of information, facts and related references, pictures, notes, digital text- and sound documents in the GIM.
  • Assemble associative references between those data.
  • Gain new perspectives by differently approaching your database or by playfully using cluster- and filter functions of the software for the benefit of your database.
  • Amend your database by adding the enormous source Wikipedia data.
  • Use the GIM for presenting your database.
  • Exchange parts of or the whole of your database with those your friends, colleagues or the community and merge these with your database.

Generated graphs

Collect data , no matter whether you review them regularly or do brain storming, or you deal with the systematic mapping of business process or the encyclopaedic editing of your knowledge. The Graph Information Manager attends to the graphic processing directly. more ...


Filter and clusterer

Endless mounds of data don't impress you. Filter and cluster your data, recognise the coherences and emphases within your data collection. Arrange your colleccted data manageable. more ...


Wikipedia Crawler

The Wikipedia Crawler offers you the golden opportunity to quickly and uncomplicatedly integrate the knowledge and the resources of the world's largest and free online-encyclopedia into your making inquiries. more ...


Open data format

Are you tired of entrusting your data to a new data format with every new product generation? Do you expect to process and edit your database within different programs? The GIM saves its data in XML totally transparent and to be worked on with every editor. more ...