About us

The GIM is a product of the Urios consulting firm mbH Berlin. Beside mangement consultancy and IT-consulting, knowledge  management is one of our range of activities. Here we closely work with the community-of-knowledge.

In addition to questions regarding content, a relevant task of knowledge management is to provide many people involved in knowledge-intensive activities with elementary tools for their personal knowledge management. The existing offer reveals lots of gaps. We change this situation with the help of the GIM.

We are aware of the fact that the adoption of software tools in this field is much closer to personal preferences and the individual  job performance of the user. Standard software does not do this. The risk that the user's wishes are not met when using such a  software is much higher than with other software products. Here we want to learn and get a feedback from our customers and we ask for as constructive criticism as possible.

Even if we can't meet all requirements, we will try to do our best to cope with the various individual job performances.

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We like the GIM.
You, too? Really? But if you wish to get better support for your database, a connection of your database or if you have questions concerning the GIM, please write us: support(at)gimware.com